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What is a DAK?

Direct Access Technology is an innovative pull-thru mass interconnect solution that enables system designers to limit or eliminate traditional cabling by introducing a cutting-edge pull-through interface adapter - called a Direct Access Kit (DAK).

SCOUT + DAK: LXI Connectivity Solutions

Through the utilization of fully enclosed PCBs or fixed-wire solutions as opposed to traditional cable harnesses, DAKs mitigate capacitance, signal crosstalk and other attenuation issues that plague conventional cable based ATE. The result is increased performance with a far higher degree of stability and up-time.

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DAK features:
  • Limited / Eliminated Traditional Wiring = Increased System Performance and Stability
  • Eliminates Capacitance, Signal Crosstalk and other Attenuation Issues
  • Decreased Integration, Maintenance and Upgrade Time = Reduce Total Cost of Ownership
  • Interchangeability Between Systems
  • Future Proof Modularity

Need to develop a custom Direct Access Solution?

Partner with us to work cooperatively towards developing a Direct Access Solution to enhance and differentiate your LXI instrumentation.

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